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Edition 33, Finance

Corporate Bank Loans: When Credit Becomes Toxic

By: Renata Herrerías and José Luis Limón

Mexican enterprises make a Samson-like effort to get off the ground, expand and sometimes just stay afloat in today’s complex, highly competitive and constantly changing economic environment. The risks of failure are high and, unfortunately, ever present. Offsetting them requires ongoing investment in material resources and human capital, plus readily available and adequate sources of financing.

According to the pecking order theory, management will first turn to internal sources of financing to cover the company’s operational and expansion requirements, calling on external sources only when the former run dry. Of these external sources of financing, the option that implies the lowest risk, such as debt instruments, is favored, leaving equity financing as a last resort.

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Edition 46, Finance

Shared Services Centers: toward an operational profitability

Dirección Estratégica. La revista de negocios del ITAM. Edición 46By: Francisco Alvarado
Senior Consulting Manager of Finance and Business Performance

The current dynamics in organizations with Shared Services Centers (SSC) have led them to ask which roads lead to a better evolution of the services that they provide.

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