Edition 46, Human Resources

In search of the magical link between continuous improvement practices and initiatives, and employee commitment.

By Luis Arciniega

A great number of companies have invested many resources toward establishing a culture of continuous improvement to reduce costs, improve the quality of their products or services and at the same time bring about increased employee commitment. Unfortunately, many of these efforts have failed…

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Edition 46, Strategy

El Estudio de Factibilidad: un Paso Previo al Plan de Negocios

Por: Daniela Ruiz

El plan de negocios ha sido, desde hace varios años, una herramienta sumamente popular. Aunque su naturaleza es precisamente esa, establecer un plan de negocio, ha sido utilizado con objetivos muy diversos…

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Edition 46, Finance

Shared Services Centers: toward an operational profitability

Dirección Estratégica. La revista de negocios del ITAM. Edición 46By: Francisco Alvarado
Senior Consulting Manager of Finance and Business Performance

The current dynamics in organizations with Shared Services Centers (SSC) have led them to ask which roads lead to a better evolution of the services that they provide.

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