Edition 52, Human Resources

The Educational-Job match of Recent Graduates Within the Company

By: Jesús Yeves

The fit between the individual and the job is one of the most important challenges that a company faces in the selection of personnel.

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Edición 48, Human Resources

Global Virtual Teams

Una Idea Comparada con los Seis Errores de los Negociadores Eficaces de SebeniousBy: Dra.Eva Lira
Universidad de Valencia

Today, no one doubts the fundamental role played by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the term “globalization” in the global economy. The “information society” defines the entry into the 21st century and it is the safe bet for socioeconomic development, according to the Global Information Technology Report (GITR, 2013).

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Edición 47, Human Resources

Organizational Culture and the Practices of the Japanese Business System in Mexico

El negocio de los negocios es la culturaBy: Dr. Javier Muñoz

One of the effects of the global village among economic agents and in the social sphere is the awareness of the differences between local ideologies and the overpowering force of triumphant capitalism after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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