Edición 60, Current Issue, Human Resources

Sowing Seeds For Improvement in the Desert

By: Dr. Luis Arciniega, ITAM

There is unusual activity in the multipurpose room of the small village of Laguna del Rey, in the Mexican State of Coahuila. Dozens of people enter and leave the premises where the town’s great annual event will take place the next morning. It is not a fair or agro-industrial exhibition. It is the annual continuous (leer más…)

Edición 60, Current Issue, Human Resources

Is There Control or Not?

By: Virginia Kalis Letayf

Much has been said and written about the adjustments and eliminations needed in order for groups to present their consolidated financial information, that is, “as if they were one company”. However, there is a problem that goes way back, since it is first necessary to identify whether or not you have control of the companies in which you participate, which is not necessarily transparent in all cases.

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Edición 59, Human Resources

From Human Resource Management to Human Capital Management: A Model of Human Capital Management

direccion_estrategicaPor: Luis González Fernández,
Universidad de Salamanca

“If I could ignore for 8 minutes of arc I would adapt my hypothesis, but as I cannot ignore them, those 8 minutes alone with lead us along a path to the reform of the whole of Astronomy,” wrote Johannes Kepler when he submitted his hypothesis of perfect solids to Tycho Brahe’s observations of the orbits. (leer más…)