Edition 54, Human Resources

La calidad de servicio, el trabajo emocional y las políticas de Recursos Humanos en las organizaciones

La Calidad de Servicio, el Trabajo Emocional y las políticas de Recursos Humanos en las organizaciones 1Por: Dra. Esther Gracia
Universidad de Valencia

Como clientes, pacientes o usuarios, a todos nos gusta que nos ofrezcan un servicio excelente.

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Edition 53, Human Resources

The Supervisor as the Manager of Performance and Organizational Commitment in Multinational Corporations

By: Dr. Gerardo Padín
Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Multinational corporations (MNCs) transcend borders and operate in countries where there is often a notable cultural diversity between the supervisors (expatriates) and the employees (local).

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Edition 53, Human Resources

The Connection Between Employee Commitment and Organizational Communication Management

By: Dra. Mariana Barresi,
Universidad Austral de Buenos Aires

How can you develop employee commitment to an organization? How do you get employees to go to bat for the organization, to feel a sense of oneness with the organizational goals or, what appears to be the aspiration of any business leader, to feel a moral obligation to go the extra mile on the job?

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