Edición 57, Human Resources

How to communicate results from an employee survey

By: Ingwer Borg
WWU Münster

Employee surveys can have many positive effects, but they unfold their full potential only if they are communicated effectively. In practice, communication is often done by distributing thousands of computer-generated reports more or less simultaneously to all managers.

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Edición 56, Human Resources

Fifteen years measuring work values with the EVAT test

By: Luis Arciniega

Values are mental processes that can transform our basic needs (survival, belonging-social recognition, and group transcendence) into core goals that guide our lives and impact our attitudes, behaviors, and decisions.

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Edition 55, Human Resources

Corporate Universities and the Deloitte Experience: Altruism, Management-fad or Instrument of Value Creation?

Universidades corporativasBy: Dr. Enrique A. Páez

When McKinsey & Company published its report, “The War for Talent,” in the early years of the 21st century, several forward thinking organizations redoubled their efforts and adopted initiatives in anticipation to the implications that were announced in that document. The lack of talent with diverse skills would remain a key inhibitor to the development of organizations, especially in the knowledge economy.

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