About us

The Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, in accordance with the mission of improving business practices in Mexico, is pleased to present its business journal, which is oriented to meet the needs of updating professionals in the Mexican executive market.

Founded in 1990, Dirección Estratégica, la revista de negocios del ITAM’s main goal is to strengthen the development of the strategic thinking of today’s executive. Our journal offers these executives practical tools that will support them to face everyday challenges. It is now developed in a fully digital format so as to meet our readers’ needs and be at the forefront in the business realm.

The journal’s approach is integral, covering topics related to the following areas: accounting, entrepreneurial development, strategy, finance, marketing, and human resources, amongst others. An objective, analytical and current vision, a feature at our institution, backs up all these topics.

Editorial Board:

Accounting: Dra. Paula Morales Bañuelos

Entrepreneurship: M.A. Daniela Ruíz Massieu Salinas, Dra. Claudia González Brambila, Dr. Víctor Gónzalez y González

Strategy: Dr. Antonio Lloret Carrillo

Finance: Dra. Renata Herrerías Franco

Marketing: M.A. Aurora Monroy Alarcón

Human Resources: Dr. Luis Arciniega Ruíz de Esparza