How to communicate results from an employee survey

By: Ingwer Borg
WWU Münster

Employee surveys can have many positive effects, but they unfold their full potential only if they are communicated effectively. In practice, communication is often done by distributing thousands of computer-generated reports more or less simultaneously to all managers. Leer más


The Aging Population and Human Resources Management: Opportunities and Challenges

By: Ph.D. Carlos María Alcover, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, España

The last two decades have brought rapid and significant socio-demographic, economic and labor market transformations. Increased longevity and the combined decrease in the mortality and birth rate define the current demographic transition. Leer más


Employee Assistance Programs: Improve Employees’ Overall Well-being and Guarantee Yourself a Healthy Organization

By: Jing Melanie Xi, Guangdong University of Technology, School of Management

In the minds of today’s managers, it’s common sense that an organization’s employees are its most valuable asset. Keeping a healthy and energetic manpower force may mean the difference between success and crisis, or even failure, in a business operation. Leer más