Employee Assistance Programs: Improve Employees’ Overall Well-being and Guarantee Yourself a Healthy Organization

Employee assistance program_Carrusel

By: Jing Melanie Xi, Guangdong University of Technology, School of Management

In the minds of today’s managers, it’s common sense that an organization’s employees are its most valuable asset. Keeping a healthy and energetic manpower force may mean the difference between success and crisis, or even failure, in a business operation. Leer más

Edition 55, Strategy, Marketing

Why low oil prices did not transfer into low airplane-ticket-fares

Why low oil pricesPor: Paolo Morganti

Since June 2014, the world has assisted to a dramatic fall in the price of oil, which reached approximately half of its previous value.

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Edition 55, Marketing

The Moment of Buying: A More Irrational Decision Than It Seems

Momento de compraBy: Philippe Bisson Waters y Yaneli Cruz Alvarado

Decision making is a daily and natural activity. The act of buying is one of the many decisions a person faces in life. There is the idea that this decision is rational. To explain this rationality, marketing gurus, like Kotler and Hawkins, among others, have described this process as a sequence of stages an individual goes through when deciding what, where and when to buy.

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