Entrepreneurship, Edición 60, Current Issue

High Impact Women Entrepreneurs in Mexico

By: Nomara Parra Sánchez

In recent years there has been a significant growth in the number of agents that make up the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Mexico. In this ecosystem, private equity funds, accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurship centers, mentors, angel investors and a host of public and private sector bodies have gradually been added with the same purpose: to help and train high level entrepreneurs. (leer más…)

Entrepreneurship, Edición 60, Current Issue

Garage Entrepreneurs in Mexico: A Story to Inspire

By: Claudia González Brambila, Luis Arciniega y Daniela Ruiz Massieu

Few stories about Mexican garage entrepreneurs are as fascinating as that of Simón Sacal. His interest in becoming a technological entrepreneur began at the beginning of the 21st century when Simón was barely 18 years old. (leer más…)

Entrepreneurship, Edición 60, Current Issue

The Co-Creation Process: A Good Option for Innovation?

By: Claudia N. González Brambila

Growing through innovation is the dream of all business leaders. The idea of having a predictable and stable portfolio of product, service and administrative innovations, with high margins and with the long-awaited goal of being the first in the market, is what virtually all those in charge of defining a strategy in a company seek. Why, despite the fact that everyone wants it, is innovation still so scarce and complicated?

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