Entrepreneurship, Edición 51

Strategic Training

By: Ernesto Gómez
Founding partner of the Instituto de Empresas de Alto Rendimiento

Today’s society demands skills in different areas of expertise and knowledge. Ideally, public and private universities should prepare students for an efficient professional work experience and to know how to fully assume the responsibilities of the position for which they are hired.

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Entrepreneurship, Edition 50

Café Punta del Cielo: Story of an Entrepreneur

By: Claudia González Brambila, Luis Arciniega and Daniela Ruiz
Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Pablo González Cid, founder of the Café Punta del Cielo, discovered his entrepreneurial spirit when he was a young university student and worked as a messenger at a brokerage firm. He realized that to be director he would need to work many years and be promoted to an infinite number of positions, and that, in the end, he might never reach his desired position.

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Entrepreneurship, Edition 49

“Innovation,” a term that everyone knows but few apply

By: Pamela Gallardo

In the present context of great uncertainty, market volatility, economic stagnation and international competition, it is necessary to find new ways to boost a country’s economy and development.

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