Edition 53, Finance

Investment Advisors

By: Yolanda Espinosa

The role of the investment advisor has gained considerable importance in Mexico in recent years. The total amount of assets under management has actually quadrupled in the last decade.

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Edition 52, Finance

Financing in Mexico

By: Jorge Sánchez

One of the objectives of the financial reform is the reactivation of the financial market to make it grow. Starting with the diagnosis that there is a low level of financing to the private sector in Mexico – it is the country where there is the least amount of lending, despite having one of the most solid robust financial systems in the world.

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Edition 52, Finance

Digital Strategy for Reducing Costs and Maximizing the IT Area

By: Fabio Irino

When one starts talking about “digital strategy,” a cloud of ideas and concepts -often erroneous- is generated about what the organization must do to have a significant advance in the field of business.

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