Entrepreneurship, Edición 58

The Interaction Between Academia and Business in Mexico

By: Gabriela Maqueda,


For several decades, innovation has been considered to be a key element of progress, industrial change and competiveness, and its determinants are carefully studied. In this context, the collaborative activities between companies and academia (universities, research institutes, etc.) are one of the most analyzed factors. (leer más…)

Edición 58, Finance

Savings in Mexico

By: Roberto Cano,
ITAM alumni

A frequently asked question is why the vast majority of individuals who have access to the Mexican financial system channel their savings to instruments or short-term vehicles that offer low yield savings options in the long term. Even though the habit of saving money exists, they do not opt for vehicles that allow them to achieve better medium or long-term goals. (leer más…)

Edición 58, Finance

Regulation of Financial Derivatives Markets

By: Gerardo Weihmann,
Professor, ITAM


The imperfections of financial markets, such as taxes, asymmetric information, the risk of bankruptcy, and transaction costs, reduce economic efficiency and thus impair the welfare of society as a whole. (leer más…)

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