Edición 58, Finance

Private Equity in Mexico

By: Emilio Afif,


In recent years, private equity (PE) funds have grown exponentially. According to the Mexican Association of Private Capital (AMEXCAP, for its acronym in Spanish), by the end of 2015 there were more than 140 funds in Mexico, with cumulative capital commitments since the year 2000 of more than 29 billion dollars. The sector has doubled in the past seven years, but it is still incipient, as it represents less than 0.1% of GDP, below countries like Chile, Colombia and Peru. (leer más…)

Edición 58, Finance

The Impact of “Brexit” on Markets and the Economy

El impacto del brexitBy: José Antonio Quesada

June 23, 2016, is considered to be a historic day. Citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, which has led to a series of analysis with respect to what will happen in the trade bloc and in the United Kingdom. This article examines the effect on trade, migration, regulation and tax contributions, which has an impact on the markets (products, labor relations and capital) and on the economy (production and productivity, jobs and public finances). (leer más…)

Edición 56, Finance

Development Banks, Financial Reform and Impact on Development

By: Mario Vergara

Development banks are instruments of economic policy of the federal government, which should have an impact on development when used properly. However, despite their financial soundness, they did not fulfill their mission, therefore new definitions and operational changes were required.

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