Entrepreneurship, Edición 48

Towards Entrepreneurial Education

Opciones de Financiamiento Gubernamental en MéxicoBy: Gabriela N. Góngora
Departamento Académico de Computación

Mexico’s economy is “efficiency based”1 while countries such as U.S., U.K., Japan, Germany, Norway, amongst others, have economies “based on innovation”.

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Entrepreneurship, Edición 47

The Challenges of Innovation in Mexico

Los retos para la Innovación en MéxicoBy: Claudia González

Like many countries of the world, Mexico sees the impetus toward science, technology and innovation (STI) as a key strategy for its economic and social development.

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Entrepreneurship, Edition 40

Moral Economics and Business

By: Guadalupe Compeán
and Imanol Belausteguigoitia


In searching for economic growth, economics has become the articulating axis of all social life; it has annulled ethics and has stopped being a means to become an end.

Governments and companies want to grow increasing their competitiveness. They set ambitious goals, pressure all the stakeholders, specially their workers, and they compete in every way they can think off, even unfairly. In pursuit of competitiveness, they mass-replace workers with machines and they cut their wages. The basic variable is the last line in the income statements: profits.

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