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Edition 33, Marketing

Brand Positioning and Social Networks

By: Matthew G. Whitehouse

The concept of brand positioning, as well as its impact on the sale of products and services, has been a recurring theme in a large number of articles on marketing. However, the increasingly powerful presence of the Internet social networks and their impact on consumers’ purchase decisions has affected the positioning of both the brands and the companies themselves in an accelerated manner.

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Edition 34, Marketing

Marketing of Experience

By: Fernando Velasco

“”The issue is to sell an experience and not a mere product”".

Gian Luigi Buitoni, former president of Ferrari North America and creator of the Dreamketing concept.

A long time ago I found in books, fora and congresses the “marketing of experience” concept and ever since it became a familiar term for me. As a result of that I started to analyze cases and situations where the process happens in a real and tangible way, and I have found examples that illustrate this concept.

In the book Conéctese al futuro, (Connect to the future), Lys Marigold and Faith Popcorn mention that one of the current trends of consumers is individualism: “By feeling unconnected in the depersonalized information era, consumers resort to tailor made and personalized products and services”.

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Edition 33, Marketing

Problems Commonly Encountered in Successful CRM Implementation

By: Rogerio Domenge y Philippe Bisson

Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a business strategy is a major decision that implies making changes to corporate culture, the attitude and way a company operates, and that affects everything from its processes and people to its goals and responsibilities.

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