Edition 39, Human Resources

The Transformational Leader: Promoter of Change

By: Doctor Gloria

In 1984, Noel Tichy and David Ulrich declared that to revitalize the US economy, the national agenda would have to include the creation of a new style of leadership: one that would no longer lead companies by the traditional paths, but which could transform them so that they could reinvent themselves. This new style was called transformational leadership.

Tichy and Ulrich’s statement 25 years ago is today highly relevant to today’s Mexico. Many of our political, social and business institutions need to be renewed by transformational leaders who can propose a new vision and are able to mobilize all the participants. Only if we reinvent our organizations can we make our economy grow and pull our country out of the rut into which it seems to be catch in a loop..

This article analyzes the characteristics of transformational leadership, its differences with other styles of leadership and its relationship with emotional intelligence, so readers can discover the abilities and skills they need to strengthen in order to bring about change in their organizations.

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Edition 39, Finance

The Price Vendor: a Decade from its Establishment

By: Alejandro Covarrubias
Citi Banamex

Renata Herrerías Franco

Until the last decade of the twentieth century, traders of all financial intermediaries determined benchmark prices of traded financial instruments using their own methodologies and computations. Thus, investors faced the possibility of buying at unfair prices if, at the time of settling the order, there was a disparity between the selling price and that determined by the trader. This problem was even more acute in the case of instruments that required several pricing assumptions, causing potential ambiguities in price determination.

Today, the employment of price vendors is fundamental in the financial markets, particularly in the derivatives and money markets, where pricing is a very complex process. For example, in the futures market , it is necessary to rely on correct prices in order to determine the margin accounts’ balances and, if necessary, execute margin calls whenever balances are below the minimum requirement.

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Edition 39, Marketing, Human Resources

Corporate Social Business Value

By: Carlos Amtmann

“Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which brings forth out of his treasure things new and old”

Matthew 13, 52

I. Background

When Mexico legislated labor conditions in the Mexican Constitution of 1857, the nation introduced the right to freely choose a trade or profession, the obligation to remunerate, banned child work at an early age and stated a commitment “to pass laws improving working conditions and rewarding those who excel in science and arts”.

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