Edición 48, Finance

Finding the finance to fight Cancer

Finding the finance to fight CancerPor: Guillermo Serrano
Sarum Capital

This paper will aim to shed some light on how finance plays a role in the fight against cancer and whether by shifting economic incentives, investors and industry can play a more effective role in expanding the resources available in the fight against cancer.

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Edición 47, Finance

Why do financial gurus share information?

¿Por qué comparten información los gurus financieros?By: Pritha Dev, ITAM

In a world where information is gold, why would anyone give it away instead of keeping it to himself and thus reaping the maximum benefits?…

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Edition 46, Finance

Shared Services Centers: toward an operational profitability

Dirección Estratégica. La revista de negocios del ITAM. Edición 46By: Francisco Alvarado
Senior Consulting Manager of Finance and Business Performance

The current dynamics in organizations with Shared Services Centers (SSC) have led them to ask which roads lead to a better evolution of the services that they provide.

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