Edition 53, Strategy

Improve strategic planning through management flight simulators

By: Rogerio Domenge y Daniela Vidal

Deficient strategic planning in modern enterprises prevents the medium and long-term expectations of its managers from materializing.

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Accounting, Strategy

Strategies for Extraordinary Success Every Day

By: James Ritchie-Dunham


We have uncovered tens of thousands of groups experiencing extraordinary success every day. In this article, we highlight what we found about how they achieve and sustain these off-the-charts outcomes, often for decades.

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Edition 50, Strategy

The Problem of Corporate Social Responsibility

By: Antonio Lloret
Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Corporate social responsibility is in decadence. Despite being an attractive and fashionable topic, it is not a sustainable trend, and it is destined to disappear if it is superficially adopted, by way of certifications or seals of endorsement and without the actions of responsibility permeating the interior of the firm.

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