Edición 59, Strategy

Does Africa Need an “African” Management Education Model?

By: Michelle Lee, Lynne Thomas, Dr. Howard Thomas, Dr. Alexander Wilson*

The African approach to management education has been shaped by a range of environmental, cultural, contextual and regional characteristics.
Africa is by any measure a massive, multi- cultural, multi-lingual continent offering the promise of significant economic growth in the longer term. (leer más…)

Edition 55, Strategy, Marketing

Why low oil prices did not transfer into low airplane-ticket-fares

Why low oil pricesPor: Paolo Morganti

Since June 2014, the world has assisted to a dramatic fall in the price of oil, which reached approximately half of its previous value.

(

Edition 53, Strategy

The Art of Making Bad Decisions and Getting Good Outcomes

By: Luis V. Montiel

During our lives we learn to consider most activities as common skills. It is unlikely that one day, without any reason, we start questioning activities such as getting dressed, making breakfast or driving.

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