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Does Africa Need an “African” Management Education Model?

By: Michelle Lee, Lynne Thomas, Dr. Howard Thomas, Dr. Alexander Wilson*

The African approach to management education has been shaped by a range of environmental, cultural, contextual and regional characteristics.
Africa is by any measure a massive, multi- cultural, multi-lingual continent offering the promise of significant economic growth in the longer term. (leer más…)

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Why low oil prices did not transfer into low airplane-ticket-fares

Why low oil pricesPor: Paolo Morganti

Since June 2014, the world has assisted to a dramatic fall in the price of oil, which reached approximately half of its previous value. While this turn of events has hurt producers of oil, like Mexico, it has – or should have – benefitted consumers and companies that use oil as a main input of production. Like airline companies.

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El arte de tomar malas decisiones y obtener buenos resultados

Por: Luis V. Montiel

En la vida realizamos acciones que al paso del tiempo aprendemos a considerar comunes. Es poco usual que un día, sin motivo, nos cuestionemos habilidades cotidianas como vestirnos, preparar el desayuno o manejar.

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