Edición 44, Marketing

Innovation: The Path to Competitiveness

By: Marco Morán

“If you want different results, don’t always do the same thing”
Albert Einstein

In recent decades, we have witnessed a rapid evolution in the way of doing business, and models that were useful for many years have quickly become obsolete.

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Edición 44, Finance

The value of alternatives for change: What is real options?

By: Paula Beatriz Morales1
and Jorge Omar Moreno2

Real options represent an extension of the theory of financial options applied to non-financial assets. This theory is based on management’s flexibility to modify its decisions when it identifies changes in the business climate. In this paper, we analyze the characteristics of these financial instruments, their types and valuation, and present some examples of how they can be used in administrative practice.

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Edición 44, Human Resources

Selecting for Innovative Performance: Some Challenges and Implications for Practice

By: Kristina Poto?nik
Business School
University of Edinburgh, UK

In competitive markets and especially within current global recession in which businesses are striving for survival, the organizations need to continuously innovate in order to gain competitive advantage (Poto?nik & Anderson, 2012). However, any organization, either profit or non-profit, needs innovative talent to be able to produce organizational innovations. Companies are hence experiencing the challenge of how to select those individuals who will show innovative performance in their workplaces.

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