Edición 44, Human Resources

Talent and Compensation Strategy

By: Francisco Mendoza

Compensation management practices most widely used among the mid-sized and large companies of Mexico have been imported by subsidiaries of major multinational firms and adopted by Mexican organizations, on the assumption that these constitute best business practices.

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Edición 44, Strategy

Can the laws of economics explain the psychometric business?
 It grows and grows, but the products fail.

By: Francisco Gil-White
School of Business

In the popular media—and hence in popular imagination—psychometricians have advanced so far they can tease apart our motives and traumas with tremendous ease and almost supernatural precision. Perhaps the psychometric industry is relying for its growth on such popular perceptions, because the scientific research, at least, suggests that psychometric products do not work as advertised.

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Edición 44, Marketing

What Factors Facilitate Team Learning in Organizations?

By: Aída Ortega

In recent years, scientists and entrepreneurs have become increasingly interested in shared learning and knowledge. Authors have focused on the study of how learning contributes to the effectiveness of organizations. The definition suggested by Huber (1991) clearly exemplifies this: “learning means acquisition of knowledge recognized as potentially useful for the organization.”

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