Accounting, Edition 42

Tienditas or Supermarkets: In Pursuit of Consumers’ Best Interests

By: Jorge Omar Moreno
and Paula Beatriz Morales

On April 5, 2011, Mexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrard presented a Bill on a new regulation called “Rule 29: Improvement In Equity and Competitiveness Conditions for Public  Provisioning”,  which was added to the city’s Delegation Urban Development Program,  Chapter 4, Territorial Organization, Section 4.5, Organization Rules, Point 4 .5 .2, General Organizational Rules.  The new rule reads as follows:

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Edition 42, Human Resources

Coaching: Tomorrow

By: Francisco J. Fernández

A crisis raises striking and often contradictory scenarios. Fast food chains rack up increasing profits while long-standing prestigious restaurants are forced to close. Low-cost carriers run solidly in the black while traditional airlines struggle to re-invent themselves and barely skirt the red. But the inappropriately named luxury sector has seen double-digit growth in recent years, in segments as diverse as cars, retailing and real estate.

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Edition 42, Marketing

Online Performance of Mobile Phone Services in Mexico

By: Edmundo Ramírez

Agustín Castañeda

Master Research

According to Master Research, Telcel’s website generates 1,290,000 visitors, or hits, per month, followed by Nextel with 402,000, Movistar with 396,000, Iusacel with 260,000 and Unefon with 95,000.

Comparative data from March 2011 to March 2012 indicate that Nextel was the operator with the greatest increase in the number of hits, with an increase of 95%, whereas Telcel fell by 16.5% and Movistar by 22%.

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