Edition 35, Strategy

The Functions of the Executive: An Integration of Concepts

By: Carlos Alcérreca

The functions of the executive not only include formulating and implementing strategies, as the field of strategic management seems to suggest. There is a long tradition of studying this concept. The purpose of this paper is to present the main ideas that have historically been discussed on this theme and to try to integrate them.

We will examine here the main perspectives put forward on the functions of executives, with a focus on top management. The 10 main contributions that we will look at are those presented by Fayol (1916), Barnard (1938), Drucker (Lafley, 2009), Quinn (1980), Kotter (1982), Farkas & Wetlaufer (1996), Sull (1999), Garvin (2002), Mintzberg (2003) and Ricart, Llopis & Pastoriza (2007).

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