Edición 59, Current Issue, Human Resources

From Human Resource Management to Human Capital Management: A Model of Human Capital Management

direccion_estrategicaPor: Luis González Fernández,
Universidad de Salamanca

“If I could ignore for 8 minutes of arc I would adapt my hypothesis, but as I cannot ignore them, those 8 minutes alone with lead us along a path to the reform of the whole of Astronomy,” wrote Johannes Kepler when he submitted his hypothesis of perfect solids to Tycho Brahe’s observations of the orbits. (leer más…)

Edición 58, Human Resources

Employability As a Basis of Change in the Management of Human Resources

By: Jesús Yves,

Changes in the labor market as a result of phenomena such as the globalization of the economy and technological advances have become more turbulent and competitive. To cope with these changes, which are increasingly more rapid, companies have chosen to adopt models of flexibility, in which the horizontal mobility and multitasking of workers have been gaining ground. (leer más…)

Edición 57, Human Resources

Employee Assistance Programs: Improve Employees’ Overall Well-being and Guarantee Yourself a Healthy Organization

By: Jing Melanie Xi
Guangdong University of Technology, School of Management

In the minds of today’s managers, it’s common sense that an organization’s employees are its most valuable asset. Keeping a healthy and energetic manpower force may mean the difference between success and crisis, or even failure, in a business operation.

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