Edition 45, Strategy

A Model for Corporate Sustainability

By: Antonio Lloret1 and Elsa Flores2

A company’s competitiveness is linked to its long-term performance and its relationship to its industry and its competitors. A competitive company is one that is constantly aware of the conditions under which it may lose or generate value.

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Edition 45, Marketing

Children’s Influence on Consumer Buying

By: Carlos Mondragón
Professor of Marketing at the ITAM

Children play an important role in purchasing decisions, influencing their parent’s acquisition and selection of products. The most common tactics they use are whining or acting up, until their parents give in to their demands.

Children exert an increasingly strong influence on consumer buying, not only in toys and recreational activities, but also in clothes that traditionally parents would choose for them. How successful they are in getting their wishes fulfilled will depend on the type of offer, the characteristics of the parents, the child’s age, and the stage in the purchasing decision process.

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Accounting, Edition 45

Essential Issues about Carbon Taxes in Mexico City

By: Jesús Rodolfo Jiménez
and Annapaola Llanas

Much has been said about sustainability and the environmental issues facing the planet. Governments, non-governmental organizations, participants in the economy, and the population in general have gradually incorporated into their activities of daily living an honest concern about the negative effects of climate change, overexploitation of natural resources, pollution of aquifers and overpopulation, to mention some of these phenomena.

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