Entrepreneurship, Edition 38

Private Equity Capital Investments

By: Luis Alberto Harvey
Nexxus Capital, S.A. de C.V

The private equity industry, as are known internationally investments in private companies, is very important in the world. The vast majority of companies listed on developed markets stock exchanges have received private equity capital at one time or another.

Within the theory of diversification of portfolios the most important asset classes are: stocks, fixed income and cash. Investments that are not one of the Traditional Investments are known as Alternative Investments. These are more complex, have different regulations and limited liquidity.

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Entrepreneurship, Edition 38

The Strategy of Social Enterprises: Its Impact on the Heart of the Company

By: Caroline Auvinet

At the beginning of the 21st century, the number of people living on less than two dollars a day reached more than 4 billion. Society has become increasingly aware of the limitations of governments, civil society organizations and aid agencies in terms of providing health services, education, housing, and environmental and agricultural assistance. (Prahalad 2010). Facing these global challenges, social and environmental enterprises have emerged as an alternative solution for reducing poverty and inequality in the world. They are, in fact, “creating a new frontier, a quiet revolution.” (Bornstein, 2004)

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Entrepreneurship, Edition 35

Small and Mid-Sized Business: Products and Information

By: Giulio Chiesa

When writing about SMEs – so glorious and yet forgotten – one must include two basic concepts and a pretty evident consequence.

The first point, fatally obvious, is that if we cannot see the problems happening under our very noses and in our companies, it will be very difficult to find effective solutions.

The second one, shockingly obvious, refers to the possibility that a well-made product might not sell very well.

The consequence of this story can be summarized in one word: information. It might be absent or present, broad or reduced, useful or not, systematic or improvised. Market information, buying process information, all this produced by that capricious, vague, and errant daughter called communication.

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