Edición 60, Strategy, Current Issue

The Importance of Managerial Competencies in Different Hierarchical Levels of Mexican Organizations

By: Carlos Alcérreca J. and Aurora Monroy.


In this article we try to identify the managerial competencies that are important in Mexican organizations and to assess whether these competencies differ in accordance with the hierarchical level of the people. (leer más…)

Entrepreneurship, Edición 60, Current Issue

Garage Entrepreneurs in Mexico: A Story to Inspire

By: Claudia González Brambila, Luis Arciniega y Daniela Ruiz Massieu

Few stories about Mexican garage entrepreneurs are as fascinating as that of Simón Sacal. His interest in becoming a technological entrepreneur began at the beginning of the 21st century when Simón was barely 18 years old. (leer más…)

Entrepreneurship, Edición 60, Current Issue

The Co-Creation Process: A Good Option for Innovation?

By: Claudia N. González Brambila

Growing through innovation is the dream of all business leaders. The idea of having a predictable and stable portfolio of product, service and administrative innovations, with high margins and with the long-awaited goal of being the first in the market, is what virtually all those in charge of defining a strategy in a company seek. Why, despite the fact that everyone wants it, is innovation still so scarce and complicated?

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