Entrepreneurship, Edition 49

“Innovation,” a term that everyone knows but few apply

By: Pamela Gallardo

In the present context of great uncertainty, market volatility, economic stagnation and international competition, it is necessary to find new ways to boost a country’s economy and development.

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Accounting, Edition 49

Facebook and Twitter: How To Use Them to Make Good Investment Decisions

Facebook y Twitter: ¿Cómo utilizarlos para tomar buenas decisiones de inversión?By: Norma Leticia Leal
Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico

It is undeniable that the technological advances of social media outlets have transformed the way businesses communicate with the public and in particular with investors. Currently, the general director of a company and the members of senior management may disclose corporate information via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other online media as well as traditional means of communication.

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Edition 49, Marketing

The Real Cost of Social Media

El Verdadero Costo de las Redes SocialesBy: Álvaro Rattinger

The most celebrated side effect of the Internet is that it is free. We have become accustomed to receiving much for nothing or for very little. No one likes to pay for something that you can get for free, but cheap can turn out to be expensive.

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