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Edition 38, Marketing

Social Network Myths and Realities

By: Ricardo Medina

The true reach of personal networks, the drivers of effective change, and their implications for your company

¿Are the so-called “social networks” a fad?

With the mass proliferation of Internet connections, the widespread use of cell phones and the development of online collaboration sites –also known as social networks-, marketing, sales and even politics are facing unprecedented changes. Marketing experts are increasingly interested in the value of social networks. Mexico is no exception to this social shift. The Federal Telecommunications Commission reports that, at the end of 2010, there were 81.3 cell phone lines for every 100 Mexicans. Alexa (2011) found that five of the 10 most popular sites in Mexico provide platforms for online social networks, in which users generate and share their own content. Figure 1 shows this trend in online activities from search engines to social networking.

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