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Edition 38, Human Resources

Benefits of Normative Commitment for Organizations

By: Norma Betanzos (1), and Francisco Paz (2)

Organizational commitment is an issue that has become increasingly important for human resources experts, because it is crucial for a company’s employees to “wear the team colors,” meaning they love their company and do their jobs well (Arciniega, 2002). It is therefore important to understand the nature, development and implications of employee commitment.

We know that there are different types of commitment (affective, continuance and normative), and that each of these has a different effect on employee behavior and attitudes.

What happens when a company encounters hard times? When it has the wrong leaders? When the climate makes it difficult to work? When employee bonuses cannot be paid, or economic crisis makes wages less appealing to workers? The company needs committed employees to obtain competitive advantages, but it often introduces changes in the guise of efficiency (layoffs, restructuring, mergers, flex time, etc.).

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