Entrepreneurship, Edición 47

The Challenges of Innovation in Mexico

Los retos para la Innovación en MéxicoBy: Claudia González

Like many countries of the world, Mexico sees the impetus toward science, technology and innovation (STI) as a key strategy for its economic and social development.

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Edición 47, Finance

Why do financial gurus share information?

¿Por qué comparten información los gurus financieros?By: Pritha Dev, ITAM

In a world where information is gold, why would anyone give it away instead of keeping it to himself and thus reaping the maximum benefits?…

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Edición 47, Human Resources

Organizational Culture and the Practices of the Japanese Business System in Mexico

El negocio de los negocios es la culturaBy: Dr. Javier Muñoz

One of the effects of the global village among economic agents and in the social sphere is the awareness of the differences between local ideologies and the overpowering force of triumphant capitalism after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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