Edition 41, Finance

Effective Collection in Periods of Crisis

By: José Frank González

Debts are not like good wine; they don’t get better with age.

Robert Dickinson, English barrister

How many times have we heard the phrase “A sale isn’t closed until it’s collected?” In effect, the ultimate goal of every financial administrator is to optimize the company’s cash flows, and relates directly to maximizing the company’s value. A steady increase in sales is important, but it is also essential to verify that the buyer has enough money to pay; this will ensure that the primordial purpose of every organization is fulfilled.

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Edition 41, Marketing

Digital Intelligence Applied to the Company

By: Agustín Castañeda and  Edmundo Ramírez

Googling, engagement, profiles, followers, “like” and hashtag have become everyday expressions among 40 millions active cybernauts in Mexico, which means they are elements of contemporary life that company directors should know how to manage.

The use of smartphones brought of global revolution in the way we consume the content of social networks and the time we spend using them. In Mexico, according to the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI), 68% of people who connected the Internet use PCs, 67% from laptops and nearly a quarter of them connect through smartphones. On average, the executive segment alone spent three and a half hours a day browsing the Internet in 2010.

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Edition 41, Human Resources

Effective Managerial Communication: Persuasive Presentations

By: Mónica Rangel

One aspect that distinguishes managerial communication in business from other types of communication is that no matter how brilliant the message may be, it means nothing if it does not achieve the desired result. In other words, successful communication is dependent upon the response expected from the audience.

Unlike other types of presentations, such as conferences, speeches or training courses, a business presentation is an exercise in persuasion. Persuasion is a process that takes the persuader as well as his audience to new ground. In an ideal situation, the audience understands, agrees and acts in accordance with the proposal. However, in reality this does not always happen so the presenter must acquire certain skills to keep the audience interested and involved.

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