Entrepreneurship, Edición 56

Nonmarket Factors and the Commercialization of New Technology

By: Claudia González

How and why does someone decide to start a business? Normally, the entrepreneurial process arises with an innovative idea of a product or service. The first thing that entrepreneurs do is to decide if their idea is worthwhile. Is it really a good idea? Is the product or service viable from the technological point of view? Is it going to sell? What results does market research reveal?

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Edición 56, Finance

Development Banks, Financial Reform and Impact on Development

By: Mario Vergara

Development banks are instruments of economic policy of the federal government, which should have an impact on development when used properly. However, despite their financial soundness, they did not fulfill their mission, therefore new definitions and operational changes were required.

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Edición 56, Human Resources

Fifteen years measuring work values with the EVAT test

By: Luis Arciniega

Values are mental processes that can transform our basic needs (survival, belonging-social recognition, and group transcendence) into core goals that guide our lives and impact our attitudes, behaviors, and decisions.

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