Accounting, Edición 51

What is the IASB Disclosure Initiative?

By: Sandra Minaburo
Head of the Accounting Department
Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

The main objective of financial reporting is “accountability,” so that one of the major features of the reports or annual declarations is that they be clear, that is, the user must understand the facts and events that happened in an organization during an accounting period to be able to properly make decisions.

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Entrepreneurship, Edición 51

Strategic Training

By: Ernesto Gómez
Founding partner of the Instituto de Empresas de Alto Rendimiento

Today’s society demands skills in different areas of expertise and knowledge. Ideally, public and private universities should prepare students for an efficient professional work experience and to know how to fully assume the responsibilities of the position for which they are hired.

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Edición 51, Marketing

Instagram and Pinterest: What’s all the fuss about?

By: Enrique Murillo
Instituto Teconológico Autónomo de México

In the last three years, a new variation of social networking has become popular among many users. We’re referring to visual social networks, in which users share images and photographs, more than personal news, such as in Facebook or Twitter.

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